Getting Your HPA Tank Hydro Tested

It was 2 weeks away from the big-game and while packing I discovered my 45/4500psi HPA tank I bought from Ninja Paintball was a week away from being due for hydro-testing.

If you don't know, on every tank there is a date of birth, and 5 years from that date that tank will be 'due' to be tested and certified as safe-to-fill.  Finding that date of birth is pretty easy. This video does a good job showing you how.

These are DOT regulations. You won't get arrested for if you don't hydro-test it -BUT it is something you should do if you care about your safety and want to play at a real paintball field. Real fields will check your dates.

I knew that being a week past the hydro date wasn't that big of a deal, especially since the tank had been empty and only used a handful of times.  I also knew that the fill stations there would be self-serve, so there wouldn't be anyone to turn me away... so why not save that $40-some bucks for paint at the big game??

Peace of mind is a powerful persuader. Filling my tank knowing it will be full of 4500 pounds per square inch of pressure was enough to get me to send it in to get re-certified.   Plus it would have to be done sooner or later if I wanted my tank filled at the local field.

Picking a place to get it re-certified wasn't so easy. I kept coming across, which was cheaper than the other services.  I was close to sending my tank in, but after reading reviews of them, seeing that some were disgruntled about the customer service was enough to persuade me to keep things simple and use a sure thing.

Ninja paintball made my tank, they had a hydro service, they would likely know how to handle my tank -so they were a sure thing.

At the time of looking  for a service I did not think to check Crossfire, a well known tank company, to see if they hydro. Turns out they do and it is cheaper than Ninja.

Now I'll say right away that I did not get my tank back in time for Oklahoma D-Day.  The total time from shipping-out to receiving-back was 3 weeks. To me it felt like an eternity, and I was bummed I had to buy a new tank just to play at the event.

The good news is tanks are getting cheaper every year. Sure, the cheap ones aren't as light as the more expensive carbon-fiber ones, but they are awesome buys for those on a tight budget. I picked up a small Guerilla Air HPA tank for $50.  I was surprised at the efficiency of the regulator. Not bad for $50! The con being it is heavy, but with my setup I found it balanced my marker nicely with a full hopper.

This was a learning experience.  I'll go ahead and share some of what I learned.

  • There are lots of services online ran by scuba shops, but sometimes the safe-bet is going through the manufacturer, even if it costs a little extra
  • If you use an online service, expect to pay extra for removal and re-installation of the reg.  Otherwise have some locktite and tools ready to do it yourself.  Make sure you know what you are doing before you DIY.  It's a little extra to have them do it, but it might be worth the price knowing it will be done right.
  • As tanks get cheaper, paying $40 to get an older tank re-certified will make less and less sense. Hopefully the test price will go down in time as well.
  • For online services, expect a 3-week turnaround time. I did read that some services took as long as 6 months -which is ridiculous! Shop around if that's the case.

Getting your tank done by Ninja Paintball is pretty simple.

  1. Print off their form, select which service you want, add payment details.
  2. Box up your tank, mail it out to them.
  3. Wait.
  4. They call saying it is done and they will be shipped out.
  5. Sign for the package from the UPS guy.

That last part was the hardest. Finding a time to be home when they came by was harder than it should have been.  The best thing you can do is sign up for UPS MyChoice and give them a time to deliver, or enter your details online so you won't have to be there to sign for it.  That allows them to drop it off.

Hopefully you now have some ideas of what to expect when it comes to getting your HPA tank hydroed online. Not everyone has the luxury of having a scuba shop nearby, so these online services are a definite help.

Do you have a favorite place to send your tank to? I know of Crossfire's and Ninja's.

How Much Can Paintball Field Managers Make?

The average salary of a paintball field manager is somewhat hard to come-by, especially since the postings for them last a good couple of weeks due to popular demand for such a job.
How popular?

You could say in comparison, job openings at paintball fields fill at a pace on par with movie theaters.

Everyone wants a job at a theater simply because of the atmosphere. Paintball fields are no different.

So, how much does/can a field manager make? A recent job posting by Westworld paintball can give us an idea.

26 - 36k is a pretty good salary for a field manager! Of course, the typical rules of thumb apply: the bigger the field the better the salary, which is often dependant on the fields location.

Mega-fields like Challenge Park Xtreme or Hollywood Sports Park will likely be at the top of the scale as far as salary goes.

Employees I have talked too, including some refs, have mentioned they also get partial ownership. While ownership is pretty slim, it still is a great perk that serves as added motivator to get you excited about growing the field.

Westworld's requirements for a managerial position look to be in-line with the typical managerial job. The added benefit of course being you get to spend your day at a paintball field.

  • Prior retail/management experience
  • Prior training/supervising experience
  • Lift 50 lbs (stacking paint cases I imagine)
  • Supervise the daily activities of the field
  • Sell merchandise/handle products
  • Maintain/enforce company standards
  • Hire/train/schedule employees for work
  • Manage field maintenance
  • Existing paintball knowledge (haha, major plus there I would think! Westworld doesn't have this marked as mandatory, which is interesting)
  • And more... but that should give you an idea.

Similar job postings seem to be in-line with these requirements and salary. Here's a snapshot of the posting, which started on their facebook page.

Screenshot from 2014-09-03 12:02:12

If you are looking to work at a field, is there anything else you should know?

Paintball experience is always a plus, but like the posting above implies -it isn't always nexessary. The best managers sometimes come as outsiders, but with them come an outsiders perspective. They often can get in the heads of a newbie better than a seasoned vet.  This is a symptom of overexposure to an area -you become so aquanted to it that you forget what it's like to see it for the first time.

It happens to best of us.

If you can keep that 'beginners perspective', putting that championship-speedballer-mentality aside for a bit, you have a much better chance connecting to the rec-player.  This will improve your chances of being considered as a future employee!

Anything else? It doesn't hurt to know the pains of owning a paintball field.  You will be working with higher-ups (hopefully the owner), so understanding where you fit in the business will help you not only connect with the boss, but also help you manage the field more effectively.

Maybe even advance you through the ranks quicker?

For working mostly weekends, being a manager of a paintball field sounds like a pretty good deal, don't you think?

Are you looking to work as a field manager? OR have experience working as one? Let's hear about it in the comments below!

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